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We have three product lines viz. Industrial Instrumentation (Automation, Process Control, Control etc.), Life Sciences Instrumentation (Agriculture, Biotechnology, Biochemistry,  Bioengineering, Pharmacology, Physiology, Pharmaceutics, Tissue Engineering, Toxicology Research, Veterinary etc.) and Scientific Instrumentation (Analytical, Laboratory and Research). 
Industrial  (I) Instrumentation products for various Process Industries such as Chemical, Cement, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plants  etc.  Life Sciences  (LS) Instrumentation products for Biological Sciences & Bioengineering Research, Medical Sciences Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Preclinical Research, Physiological Sciences Research, Toxicology Research, etc. Scientific  (S) Instrumentation products for all major Research areas such as Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science & Engineering, Ecotoxicology & Environmental Toxicology, Energy & Power, Nanotechnology, Physical Sciences etc. We are also deal in Drilling Fluid, Oil Field Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Kits & Reagents, Laboratory Consumables, Software (Data Acquisition, Industrial and Scientific)

Caisson Labs, USA

Plant Tissue and Animal Cell Culture Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

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Danish Myo Technology (DMT), Denmark

Pharmacology, Physiology and Toxicology Research

Smooth Muscle Systems, Skeletal Muscle Systems, Cardiac Muscle Systems, Tissue Organ Bath, Perfusion Systems etc.

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In-Tox Products,USA

Inhalation Toxicology, Bio-Aerosol and Environmental Research

Inhalation Exposure System for Laboratory Animals (including Cell Cultures and Tissues) for Liquids, Solids (Dry Powders), Gases and Vapors.  Mercer Style Cascade Impactor, Collision Nebulizer etc.

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New Era Pump Systems , USA

Non Clinical Laboratory Syringe Pumps

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RSA Logo 4

Environmental Research

Laboratory Aerobic & Anaerobic Wastewater Respirometer,  Aerobic & Anaerobic Soil / Compost Respirometer, Biogas Analyzer, Digital Gas Flow Meters for Laboratory-scale Anaerobic Pilot Plants.

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Environmental Engineering (Process Control)

Online & Portable Respirometers for Wastewater Treatment Plants.  Automatic Calculations of OUR, SOUR, AUR (Ammonia Uptake Rate) , Rn (Nitrification Rate) , NUR (Nitrate Utilization Rate / Denitrification Rate),  bCOD ,  Toxicity Test (% Inhibition), HRT (Hydraulic Retention Time) etc. Measurements of  DO, pH, ORP and Temp.

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Challenge Technology, USA

Environmental Research

Laboratory Aerobic & Anaerobic Wastewater Respirometer,  Aerobic & Anaerobic Soil / Compost Respirometer, Biomethane Potential Analyzer,  On-line Respirometer.

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EET Logo

EET, South Korea

Environmental Research

Laboratory Biological Respirometric  System (BRS) for Aerobic & Anaerobic Respiration Studies; applications for Wastewater Treatment and Research, Biogas Research,   Soil & Compost Respiration Studies. Online Toxicity (Sulfur Oxidizing Bacteria, SOB) Monitoring  System.

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LuminUltra Logo
LuminUltra Technologies, Canada

Environmental Research (Rapid Microbial Monitoring Solutions)

 Global Leader in Rapid Microbial Monitoring Solutions for enhanced Process Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Oil & Gas. With simple user friendly Equipment and Test Kits, user can troubleshoot and optimize their processes against Microbial Threats.

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Neurophysiology and Electrophysiology Research

Manual Stereotaxic, Robotic Stereotaxic etc.

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SELUTEC, Germany

Environmental Research

Laboratory Aerobic Wastewater Respirometer, Eudiometer etc.

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Environmental Research

Laboratory  Respirometer for Biological Wastewater Treatment and  Studies.  Automatic Calculations of OUR, SOUR, Rs (Exogenous OUR), Biodegradable COD (bCOD) fractions  and COD Removal Rate. Measurements of Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Temp, pH and ORP.  Automatic Control of Preset Temperature, pH and DO.  Special Reactor Assembly for MBBR and / or Granular Biomass.

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Delta Ohm, Italy

Meteorology and Environmental Research

Acoustic & Vibration Studies,  Automatic Water Station, Environmental Analysis,  Microclimate Studies  (including based on Wet Bulb Globe Temperature-WBGT Index),  Water Analysis etc.

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Intellibio, France

Pharmacology, Physiology and Toxicology Research

Activity Wheel, Rota Rod, Grip Strength Meter etc.

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ProSense, Netherlands

Dissolution (Pharmaceutics) Consumables & Accessories

Cannula Filters, Sinkers, Media Concentrates etc.

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Northern Vaporiser, UK


Vaporisers, Anesthesia Machines etc.

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SKE logo
SKE Research Equipment, Italy

Cell Culture & Tissue Engineering, Material Science & Nanotechnology Research

Bioreactor, Electrospinning Machine etc.

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Syringe Pump Pro
Syringe Pump Pro, Australia

Non Clinical Laboratory Syringe Pumps Software

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