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AMC INSTRUMENTS is doing business in various Instruments and Equipment. We are indeed focused on all sort of Instruments and Equipment. These are broadly separated by three divisions – Industrial (Automation, Process Control, Control etc), Life Sciences (Agriculture, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Pharmacology, Physiology, Pharmaceutics, Tissue Engineering, Toxicology, Veterinary etc.) and Scientific (Analytical, Research etc.)
In Industrial (I) Instruments and Equipment Division, we are deal in various Instruments and Equipment for Process Industries such as Chemical Industry, Cement Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Power Plant  etc.
In Life Sciences (LS) Instruments and Equipment Division, we are deal in various Instruments & Equipment for Biological Sciences & Bioengineering Research, Medical Sciences Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Preclinical Research, Physiological Sciences Research, Toxicology Research etc. We are also doing business in Medical Instruments & Equipment under this division.
In Scientific (S) Instruments and Equipment Division, we are deal in various Instruments & Equipment for all major Research areas such as Chemical Sciences Research, Earth & Environmental Sciences including Ecotoxicology & Environmental Toxicology Research, Energy & Power Research, Nanotechnology Research, Physical Sciences Research etc.
We are also deal in Laboratory Chemicals; Kits & Reagents; Laboratory Consumables; Software (Data Acquisition, Industrial, Scientific). Apart from above mentioned three divisions, we have another two divisions; these are namely Scientific & Technical Consultancy Services and Testing & Calibration Services.

Key Services Offered :

  • We are deal in Industrial, Life Sciences, Scientific, Laboratory Instruments & Equipment; Laboratory Chemicals, Kits & Reagents, Laboratory Consumables etc .
  • Scientific and Technical Consultancy Services.
  • Calibration and Testing Services.
Preclinical Research and CRO
Pharmacology, Physiology, Toxicology etc .
Physical Sciences Research
Electrospinning, Material Science, Nanotechnology, etc.
Environmental Research
Plastic Biodegradation, Soil Biodegradation, Wastewater etc.
Energy & Power Research
Biogas, Biomass, Biofuel, Solar Energy, Wind Energy etc..
Bioengineering Research
Agriculture, Biotechnology, Tissue Engineering etc.
Oil & Gas

Our Core Services

Industrial Instrumentation
Laboratory Instrumentation & Chemicals
Life Sciences Instrumentation
Energy & Power Research Instrumentation
Scientific Instrumentation
Oil & Gas