AMC INSTRUMENTS is doing business in various Instruments and Equipment. We are indeed focused on all sort of Instruments and Equipment. These are broadly separated by three divisions - Industrial (Automation, Control, Process Control etc), Life Sciences (Biotechnology, Medical, Pharmaceutical / Pharmacology, Physiology, Veterinary etc.) and Scientific (Analytical, Laboratory, Research etc.)

In Industrial (I) Instruments and Equipment Division, we are focused on various Instruments & Equipment for Process Industries & Plants such as Chemical Industry, Cement Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Power Plant  etc.

In Life Sciences (LS) Instruments and Equipment Division, we are focused on Biological Sciences Research, Medical Sciences Research, Pharmaceutical/ Pharmacological Sciences & Preclinical Research, Physiological Sciences Research etc. We are also doing business in Medical Instruments & Equipment under this division.

In Scientific (S) Instruments and Equipment Division, we are focused on all major Research areas such as Chemical Sciences Research, Earth & Environmental Sciences Research, Nanotechnology Research, Physical Sciences Research etc.

We are also deal in Chemicals; Chemicals (Biological, Salt & Marine, Nuclear and Radioactive); Kits & Reagents (Biological, Chemical, Nuclear & Radioactive); Laboratory Consumables; Materials (Biological, Chemical, Nuclear & Radioactive); Instrument Standard & Kits; Software (Data Acquisition, Industrial, Scientific).

Apart from above mentioned three divisions, we do have another two divisions. These are namely Scientific & Technical Consultancy Services and Testing & Calibration Services.

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