Our Business


Wholly:  Instruments and Equipment.

Mainly: Instruments & Equipment for (Aerospace, Aeronautical, Agricultural Sciences & Engineering, Analytical, Automation, Automotive, Automobile, Cement Industry, Civil Engineering, Chemicals Industry, Chemical Sciences & Engineering, Control & Process Control, Drilling, Earth Sciences, Electrical & Electronics, Environmental Sciences & Engineering, Food & Drug Testing, Foundry & Refractory Industries, Glass & Ceramics, Geological Sciences & Engineering, Industrial, Laboratory, Leather, Logging, Marine, Mechanical, Medical & Life Sciences, Metallurgical, Minerals & Materials, Mining & Fuel, Nanotechnology, Nuclear & Radioactive, Oil & Gas Fields, Optical & Laser, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacology, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Physiology, Plastic & Polymer, Power System, Production, Pulp & Paper, Renewable Energy, Scientific, Telecommunication, Testing & Calibration, Testing & Measurement, Textile, Veterinary, Water & Wastewater, Welding)

Partly: Chemicals, Chemicals (Biological, Nuclear & Radioactive, Salt & Marine),  Kits & Reagents ( Biological, Chemical, Nuclear & Radioactive), Laboratory Consumables,  Materials (Biological, Chemical, Nuclear & Radioactive), Instrument Standard & Kits.

Partly:  Software (Data Acquisition, Industrial, Scientific).


1. Maintenance and Repair

2. Scientific and Technical Consultancy Services                                                                                            Providing various Scientific and Technical Consultancy Services to Scientific & Engineering Communities.

3. Technical Inspection and Certification (For Calibration)
Providing CALIBRATION for Acoustical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, Thermodynamical, Physical quantities.

4. Technical Testing and Analysis (For Testing)

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