Optical & Laser Sciences - Partners

Alpha Bright, UK

ZiNIR's light source division, Alpha Bright, provides intense, highly efficient broadband light sources in the VIS-NIR region for spectroscopy and illumination applications. Alpha Bright is specifically optimised to work with ND or band pass filters which can be inserted without distorting the optical path.

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MICROS, Austria

MICROS company has been founded in February 1994 and is mainly producing and supplying microscopes and microtomes for use in medical - technical laboratories, but also for applications in biology and industry field. New ergonomic design and new optics for different applications make our product range so successful.

Our flexibility allows us to focus on extraordinary customer service and to adjust to special inquiries and demands.

Originally MICROS has been founded to sell high-grade microscopes for a reasonable price, especially in Austria. In 2012 MICROS celebrates its 18th anniversary and is dealing successful with microscopes almost every country all over the world.

Austria is an attractive business destination - and indicators such as the political stability, the high quality of life, and the low inflation rate contribute to its success. We also benefit from the fact that Austria is financially one of the most stable EU members.

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