Material Testing Instruments & Equipment

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[We are exclusive distributor for Challenge Technology Products in India, Bangladesh & Gulf Region]


With the growing need for information on concrete thermal expansioncharacteristics in modern construction projects, Challenge Technology hasdeveloped a fully automated, concrete thermal expansion testing machine. The CTE-200 follows the AASHTO T 336-09 standard. We have workedclosely with the Federal Highway Department in developing the CTE-200,and are proud to have the first, commercially available, automated,concrete thermal expansion testing machine.


 The Challenge Technology BSG-200 Bulk Specific Gravity Testing Machinefor asphalt cores, uses a precision, water displacement method for quickand repeatable bulk specific gravity results. The BSG-200 is a computercontrolled measuring method, which generates the bulk specific gravityvalue of an asphalt core in less than 15 seconds, assuring fast andaccurate data, in a fraction of the time needed in standard methods.


 The Challenge Technology Aggregate Specific Gravity and Absorptiontesting machine is an alternative method for measuring the specific gravityand absorption characteristics of coarse and fine aggregates. TheASGA-100 uses a precision, water displacement technology to quicklymeasure volume of an aggregate sample, and subsequently, measureschange and volume over time to predict moisture absorption. TheASGA-100 completes specific gravity measurements on an aggregatesample in approximately 10 seconds and absorption in approximately 1minute, with no subjective drying to SSD. This measuring method improvesrepeatability and reliability of aggregate specific gravity and absorptioncharacteristics.


 The Challenge Technology Asphalt Tack Coat Shear Strength EvaluationFixture is designed to test tack coat shear strength on 150mm or 100mmasphalt cores. The fixture is designed for use in a variety of standardcompression testing machines, including the Marshall Test load frames,that will accept a maximum height of 10 inches.


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