Cardiology & Cardiovascular Instruments & Equipment

Electro-Medical Measurement Systems (EMMS), UK

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Experimetria, Hungary


Cardiac output measuring system provides fast and reliable measurement of cardiac output and basic haemodynamic values on small or big animals (small rat from about 150 g body weight, rabbit or dog) using the thermodilution method.

Temperature of both blood and test solution are automatically measured by the computer. The instrument can be driven by automatic injection or by manual injection of the test solution. The temperature of injected solution could be changed.



Visitech System, USA

[We are exclusive distributor for Visitech System Products in India & Bangladesh]


[Noble Prize Winner NIBP Recorder]

On October 8 it was announced that Dr. Oliver Smithies of the University of North Carolina has won the 2007 Nobel Prize in Medicine, together with Mario R. Capecchi of the University of Utah, and Sir Martin J. Evans of Cardiff University in Wales.

The BP-2000 was developed specifically for Dr. Smithies to allow him to efficiently measure the blood pressure of the transgenic mouse models he and his team were developing to study the genetic basis of hypertension. Dr. Smithies and the founders of Visitech worked closely in developing the techniques and concepts used in the BP-2000, and Dr. Smithies and his co-workers established the validity of the instrument.

BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System™ - NIBP for Mouse & Rat

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