Anxiety & Behaviour Instruments & Equipment

Experimetria, Hungary


The classical methods used for investigation of thermonociception measure the latency of nocifensive reactions to noxious heat stimuli of constant suprathreshold intensity.


Experimetria LICKOSYS is a highly automated device to study drinking associated behavioral changes, anxiety and effects of anxiolytic drugs in laboratory animals.


Conducta allows the investigation of the behavioral and activity patterns of small laboratory animals. Conducta is a device to record motor activity of laboratory rodents. Its innovative feature is that it detects movements by high-density arrays of infrared diodes that give a very fine spatial resolution. This device is a suitable for studying motor patterns, spatial movement distributions, special movements (e.g. jumping), etc. in 3 dimensions with considerable resolution.


This method is intended to inhibit (by aversive stimulus) the rodents tendency to abandon brightly illuminated space so as to hide in the dark and to examine Learning and Memory functions.



 Intellibio, France

[We are exclusive distributor for Intellibio Products in India & Bangladesh]



Introducing a new object of aversion into a familiar cage causes anxiety in rats and mice, stimulating them to engage in burying behaviour. Standard anxiolytic drugs mitigate this reflex.


Automated analysis system for behavioural studies on rats and mice. A wide range of behavioural tests in only one system.


Lafayette Instrument & Campden Instrument, USA & UK





 Fast procedure for evaluating anxiolytic properties of substances in mice.


 A standard back and white box for automated assessment of anxiety in rodents.


 An entirely modular experimental chamber for any operant conditioning procedures.


 A new modular box to evaluate attention performance using visual discrimination task in laboratory animals.


 A standard box model to conduct passive avoidance experiments.


 Standard experimental box for automated conditioned place preference and aversion in rodents.


 For evaluation rotation behaviour in rodents.


 Modular chamber with complete set of accessories for self-administration and autostimulation procedure in rodents.


 A two compartments modular chamber for both active and passive avoidance.


New box design to optimize conditioned place preference and aversion studies in small laboratory animals.


 A combined system to perform either startle reflex or fear conditioning experiences.


 A fast and reliable way to automatize the measure of immobility of suspended mice using force-tranducer technology.

 A conflict drinking test for screening the anxiolytic properties of drugs in the animal home cage.

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