Activity Instruments & Equipment

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 Intellibio, France

[We are exclusive distributor for Intellibio Products in India & Bangladesh]

A living cage and running wheel assembly permitting the recording of spontaneous motor activity and circadian rhythms of rodents over long time periods, even their entire lifespans. It also allows the study of inactivity in laboratory rodents.




A running wheel with adjustable rotation rates and selectable durations. It allows the study of intense physical effort in rodents, modeling intensive sports and their effects on the body.


The Locotronic is a unique machine for the detailed modeling of walking and its disorders in mice and rats, with respect to motor and psychomotor skills and cognition.



Lafayette Instrument & Campden Instrument, USA & UK


  • Activity Wheel Systems - (Mouse Activity Wheel, Rat Activity Wheel, Activity Wheel and Living Chambers, Forced Exercise / Walking Wheel Bed etc.)





 Easy way to quantify rodent voluntary exercise in their home cage environment


Flexible two-dimensional infra-red system which enables evaluation of locomotor activity, rearing and hole-board parameters in rodents.


Panlab RotaRod provides an easy way to test motor coordination or fatigue resistance in rodents.


The Treadmills are rolling belts with adjustable speed and slope, enabling forced exercise training and accurate testing of fatigue in rodents.