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ProSense BV, Netherlands

[We are distributor for ProSense's Dissolution Accessories Products in India, Bangladesh & Pakistan]

ProSense B.V. is a company providing solutions for highly technical and routine, day to day, use in the laboratory, field and industry.  Established in 1997, ProSense B.V. is a privately owned, independent company that is committed to provide customers with smart easy to use products, comprehensive technical support and service.  ProSense BV has two offices; Munich, Germany and the corporate headquarters is based in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. ProSense B.V. is dedicated to the design, develop and distribute products for a wide range of applications. ProSense develops and manufactures custom products on customer demand. ProSense technical team has the availability to develop products in their  glass & mechanical department.

DissolutionAccessories.com is a web shop of ProSense B.V., offering quality products at cost-effective prices. DissolutionAccessories.com fulfills the various needs of the dissolution industry by carrying a full line of consumables and accessories for various brands and models of dissolution testing machines.

ProSense BV has the following products for Dissolution Industry

Download Brochures and Catalogues

1. Download Centre (Brochures/Catalogues) - ProSense Website

2. Dissolution Consumables & Accessories Catalogue

2. Dissolution Media Concentrates


For Complete Products Detail, Please visit website.


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