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BIOBASE is an professional manufacture of laboratory products from 1999.Our main products are Biological Safety Cabinet (Class I/II/III), Laminar Flow Clean Bench, Fume hood, Biochemistry Analyzer, Microplate Washer, Refrigerator and Incubator etc.

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Experimetria Ltd, Hungary

Experimetria Ltd. was founded in 1982 and during the past years it has been developed continuously, that ensured its place on the world market. The company’s product scale ranges from pre-clinical research physiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, applied anatomy experiments equipment till human diagnostic products.

Flexibility, ability to manufacture custom made products

Simplicity, we provide our equipment in ready-for-work condition

Competitive price


Consistent background

Professional team

R & D activities in Core technology

Custom designed items

The pre-clinical research equipment function as individual set-ups, but with the continuously developed software family (Solution Pack for Experimental Laboratories) and smooth mechanic background, we can offer complete systems for certain methodology usage, as well.

Our newest brand focuses on human diagnostic solutions. One of the main advantage of these systems is the ability to quickly provide the required data for adequate diagnostic due to the fast calculation, simply and compact design. This is the guarantee of being a reliable base for doctors.

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Labocon Systems Limited, UK

Labocon is a recognized global leader of laboratory equipment for applications ranging from clinical to research. We provide professionals from various fields with an assortment of laboratory equipment such as Autoclaves, Baths and Circulators, Biological Safety Cabinets, PCR products, General Laboratory Equipment like Shakers, Temperature controlled Equipment, Chambers, and many more. Our range of Analytical Instruments includes Spectrophotometers, Analyzers, etc.

We endeavour to bring to you solutions that improve the quality of your results, save time and lower overall costs.

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Shenzhen Prokan Elcectronics Inc, China

Shenzhen Prokan Electronics Inc. is professional Medical Equipment manufacturer, having lots of cost-effective products such as Hematology Analyzer,Chemistry Analyzer, Urine Analyzer, Coagulation Analyzer, Microplate Reader, Microplate Washer. Prokan Electronics also manufacturer of Veterinary Hematology Analyzer for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats, Monkeys, Mice & Rats, Pigs, Chooks, Rabbits etc.

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Qubit Systems Inc, Canada

Qubit Systems Inc. specializes in the design of instrumentation for industry, research and teaching in the biological and environmental sciences, with a scope ranging from photobioreactors, waste water treatment to clinical devices for human physiology. Qubit manufactures and sells a broad range of gas analyzers, environmental sensors, photobioreactors, instruments for aquatic biology, cardiopulmonary testing equipment, and the world's most sophisticated range of fluorescence imaging systems for chlorophyll, GFP and other biologically important compounds. No matter what your requirements for instrumentation we are always happy to provide free advice and are able to manufacture custom instrumentation to your specifications.

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